That Being Said - Jazzed Media (2008)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
Bob Lark, Director
Jim McNeely
American Express - DPUSM (2002)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
Bob Lark, Director
featuring: Bob Brookmeyer
The Chicago Sessions 1995-96 - Reference Recordings (2007)
Bob Lark, Director
Clark Terry
2-box set
Swingchronicity - Jazzed Media (2007)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
Bob Lark, Director
featuring: Phil Woods
DePaul University Jazz Ensemble & Slide
Hampton -
DPUSM (2006)
Bob Lark, Director
featuring: Slide Hampton
also featuring a bonus dvd of the Jazz
Ensemble in Italy
Tao Jones - DPUSM (2004)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
Bob Lark, Director
featuring: Bobby Shew
Legacy - DPUSM (2001)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
Bob Lark, Director
Louie Bellson
Live at Jazz Showcase - DPUSM (2000)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
Bob Lark, Director
featuring: Tom Harrell
Night School - Wide Ear Music (1999)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
Bob Lark, Director
Charles Vernon
The following CD's are Out Of Print
Woodlands - DPUSM (2005)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
Bob Lark, Director
featuring: Phil Woods
Jump Start - DPUSM (2003)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
Bob Lark, Director
featuring: Jim McNeely
Next Season - DPUSM  (2009)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
Bob Lark, Director
Mark Colby
Solitude - Jazzed Media (2010)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
Bob Lark, Director
Time Passes On - Jazzed Media (2012)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
with guest drummer
Jeff Hamilton
Bob Lark, Director
Double Feature - TanTara (2011)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
studio recording that features the music of
the Stan Kenton library
Bob Lark, Director
Multimedia - JDPUJE (2010)
DePaul  University Jazz Ensemble
featuring guest artist
Ira Sullivan
Bob Lark, Director
Right To Swing  -  Jazzed Media 1061 (2013)
cd recording featuring the original compositions of
guest artist
Phil Woods, alto saxophone, in a studio setting with
the DePaul Jazz Ensemble and DePaul Phil Woods Ensemble.
D   I   S   C   O   G   R   A   P   H   Y
Recording title:  Solitude
Recording title:  Double Feature, vol 1
Recording title:  Time Passes On
“The Performance of Bob Lark’s DePaul University
Jazz Ensemble         readily affirms its reputation as
one of the finest orchestras in the country   – which,
incidentally, is very capable of providing a lesson or
two of its  own.”   
Edward Blanco, All About Jazz

“They are precise and polished on every single tune.  
And let it be said   that unlike too many of their elders,
they swing!”        
George Fendel, Oregon Jazz Society
“The DePaul Ensemble takes to these charts like
ducks to water, playing with the sort of ease and
assurance that certainly would have made Kenton, an
architect of jazz education, smile with delight.”
- J
ack Bowers, All About Jazz
Recording title:  Right To Swing
“ Phil loves working with DePaul University in
Chicago.  The musicians on his recordings with
DePaul Jazz Ensembles are supurb and have terrific
taste and judgement.  Every bit of music here has
purpose and united execution.  I’ll add this album to
the collection of must-haves.”
Marc Myers, Jazz Wax

“Saxophonist Woods and the Phil Woods Ensemble at
DePaul University along with the DePaul Jazz
Ensemble together, produce an explosive session of
big band swing, masterful reinterpretations and
humble sweet ballads, declaring the Right To Swing
an unalterable decision here to stay.”
- Edward Blanco,  All About Jazz
“Phil and the DePaul University Jazz Ensemble should
be in the running for the Best Jazz Big Band Album of
the year.”
-  Chuck Workman, WICR Indy/NUVO Newsweekly

“Welcome to the third, and maybe best, of Phil Woods’
collaborations with the DePaul University Jazz
Ensemble.  The outcome is a record that’s beautifully
arranged, played and recorded.  The DePaul big band
is fantastic.”
-  Frank Alkyer, DownBeat

“The band is exceptional, sounding as tight and
mature as a professional outfit.  The soloists are first
rate.  This is a damned impressive CD.”
Jersey Jazz

“No matter where you go on SOLITUDE, you’re in for
seriously cool big band music carrying on the tradition
in no small fashion.”
-  Mark S. Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“Taken as a whole, it’s hard to imagine not listening to
all ten tracks in one session - it’s like a symphony as
the songs are arranged precisely, including the slower
title piece just before the finale.”
Recording title:  Next Season
"With Colby, a Stan Getz acolyte, smoldering on five
selections and the DePaul ensemble at the top of its
game, NEXT SEASON is another in an unbroken
series of impressive albums by Lark's clear-eyed and
enterprising scholars."
- Jazz Bowers, All About Jazz
"It is difficult not to be impressed by the DePaul
University Jazz Ensemble.  The ensemble passages
are flawlessly played throughout THAT BEING SAID
and the solos are logical extensions of the
arrangements.  It is no great leap of faith to state that,
with luck, each of these musicians will have important
musical careers someday."
- Scott Yanow, Down Beat

"Another start-to-finish winner for Lark and the DePaul
- Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

"What I have consistently noticed on prior recordings
of the
DePaul Ensemble is how hard they swing.  You'd
never guess that they are student musicians.
That Being Said, they pass their Finals with a solid
- Jeff Krow, Audiophile Audition

"Not just among the top university big bands, the
DePaul University Jazz Ensemble, led by Bob Lark, are
a force to be reckoned with, a mix of graduate students
with professional experience and promising
- Ken Dryden, All About Music
Recording title:  That Being Said
SALUTES WOODY HERMAN  - Jazzed Media 1064 (2013)
Bob Lark, Director
the DePaul University Jazz Ensemble
Recording title:  SALUTES WOODY HERMAN
"Bob Lark, director of Jazz Studies at DePaul and
leader of the Jazz Ensemble, made a daring, but wise
decision when he opted to select eleven Herman
classics and have new arrangements of them written
for this recording, rather than take the existing Herman
charts and recreate them."
-  Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz, October 2013

"The ensemble playing, now challenged by
sophisticated re-worked material, is exceptionally
tight, but not overly so.  They certainly swing.  Perhaps,
after a listen or two, one might inquire:  "What makes
your band swing so hard?"  Messrs. Lark, Hamilton
and this fine band, and 'The Chopper'  certainly all
have that answer."
Nicholas Mondello, All About Jazz, October 2013

"Salutes Woody Herman succeeds admirably on two
levels:  as a showcase for the first-class DePaul
University Jazz Ensemble, and as a suitable reminder
of Herman's unequivocal brilliance as a bandleader."
Jack Bowers, All About Jazz, September 2013